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Racquet vs Car!

Racquet looses!

It is no surprise that a tennis racquet, or even two, will not compete against the weight of a car

Racquet(s) vs Car!

Racquet(s) vs Car!

After a tough match it is easy to forget where you put your racquets, so, I suggest the first thing you do is put them in your giant bag that can not be missed!

The other thing to be careful of is the carbon fiber that is now exposed!  If this gets into your skin it is not a pleasant experience!

The best thing to do is go directly to the dump and toss them in!  Don’t mess with them!

Racquet Museum now Open!

Over the years I have collected many really cool racquets. I want to share these racquets with everyone so I have started a new web site.

The new site is

This site is still under construction so there will be some upgrades as I go on but in the meantime take a look at some really great racquets.

I have included specifications of these racquets so you have an idea as to why they were so successful or not so much!

Have fun in the museum!

Jack Kramer ProStaff…update!

Many of you have probably never seen a Jack Kramer ProStaff racquet.  That is one advantage I have by being old!  This is the definitive wooden racquet produced by Wilson many years ago and to find a good one is rare.  I have a couple brand new ones but I didn’t expect to see two (2) come in for stringing!

I put Tecnifibre MultiFeel 16 gauge in both at a reference tension of 45 pounds.  These are, by the way, for a really good junior player to use for stroke production training.  He loves them!

To put these racquets into perspective here are some specifications compared to the new Wilson BLX ProStaff Ninety.  I will call these the “Kramer” and the “Ninety”.  The Kramer is 27 inches long, ditto the Ninety.  The Kramer weighs 13.3 ounces, the Ninety 12.6 ounces.  The head size of the Kramer is 69.6 square inches and the Ninety is 91.1 square inches.


The Kramer has a stiffness of 24.0!  Yes, I checked it several times.  The Ninety has a stiffness of 63.0.  Both have an ERT SBS of 36 but the Kramer has an effective stiffness of 16.1 and the Ninety an effective stiffness of 29.9!  It is easy to see why there were fewer arm issues during the wooden racquet era.

The down side of flexibility is the reduction of power available from the racquet.  The Kramer checks in at 19 compared to 46 from the Ninety.

So, it is not hard to see why new racquets are better suited to most players.  The ball will make it to the net!


For Sale!

I have a bunch of racquets that I need to get rid of which means a great opportunity for you to grab a great deal on great racquets that are really old, sort of old, and not old at all!   All of these racquets are in good condition and some are even brand new, never used.  Some racquets are strung.

Take a look a the inventory and let me know if anything looks exciting to you…

Racquet Model Head Grip Length Weight Swing Value Condition String
Size Size Weight Points
Babolat Aero Tour + 97 4 27.5 329.0 331 $75.00 85 Babolat N.vY
Babolat Aero Tour + 97 4 27.5 313.0 300 $100.00 100 None
Dunlop Smoke 98 5 27.0 301.5 277 $65.00 100 None
Fischer M-Pro1 Magnetic Speed 98 4 27.0 319.5 276 $45.00 60 None
Fischer M-Pro1 Magnetic Speed 98 4 27.0 319.5 276 $50.00 75 None
Head FlexPoint Prestige XL MP 95 4 27.5 323.9 296 $70.00 100 None
Head FlexPoint Radical MP 95 3 27.0 322.5 291 $70.00 100 None
Head FlexPoint Radical OS 108 5 27.0 300.0 292 $75.00 100 None
Prince Graphite 100 100 3 27.0 337.1 330 $70.00 100 Prince Beast
Prince Graphite 100 100 3 27.0 324.2 318 $75.00 100 Prince Syn
Prince O3 Hybrid Hornet 100 3 27.0 302.7 315 $50.00 75 Polyester
Prince O3 Speed Port Gold 110 3 27.4 267.7 313 $65.00 80 Lightning
Prince OZone Tour MP 100 3 27.0 326.9 316 $60.00 90 Prince Syn
Prince Tour Diablo  MP 101 3 27.3 311.7 293 $60.00 100 None
Prince Tour Diablo M 95 3 27.0 345.0 322 $40.00 70 Prince
Prince Tour Diablo MP 100 3 27.3 312.0 293 $60.00 100 None
Tecnifibre TFeel 305 97 5 27.0 322.7 323 $70.00 80 X-Code
Wilson K Pro Open 100 3 27.0 295.9 274 SOLD 100 None
Wilson K Pro Open 100 1 27.0 296.0 274 $65.00 100 None
Wilson K Zen 106 5 27.3 325.0 322 $50.00 85 UltraBrid
Wilson N Code N1 113 5 27.9 263.0 327 $90.00 99 NXT 16
Wilson N Pro Open 100 4 27.0 312.3 306 $100.00 98 VS Touch 16
Yonex RQ-220 90 4 26.8 358.0 317 $75.00 100 None
Dunlop M-Fil 300  98  5  27.0  300.0  276  $70.00  100  None
Condition:  100 equals brand new never used.  60 equals needs some TLC and has been used but not damaged.
All racquets are “as is” and no warranty is offered or implied.  If I know the racquet is trash I will not include it, ever!

Welcome to Racquet Quest!

Racquet Quest - John Gugel

 Racquet Preparation Specialists as close as 407.491.4755 or 407.494.4702!

Appointments are accepted and encouraged.

We are glad you are visiting our site.  We encourage you to ask any tennis, racquet, and string questions, post ideas, share tennis and racquet related stories with other tennis and racquet enthusiasts.

While visiting our website check the periodic specials page where our racquet analysis and stringing services specials are posted.

Join our Facebook page to stay up to date as new posts are published.

There must be hundreds of web sites and forums that discuss tennis and tennis racquets specifically.

Racquet Quest is different…

I have spent over forty (40) years working with racquets; from designing to manufacturing to stringing to customization, plus retail and anything in between!  I know that each racquet and player combination is unique.  So, the racquet specifications must be exclusive to the player.

Even if you go no further into this site I want you to know that you, the player, is what this is all about.  Some fun, some ideas, some questions, some suggestions, and most importantly, your involvement.

I hope you will enjoy your visit!

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