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Numbers Matter

In the words of Lord Kelvin (May 1883) “When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meager and unsatisfactory kind; it may be the beginning of knowledge, but you have scarcely, in your thoughts advanced to the stage of science.”

That is why every racquet we do has over fifty (50) numbers attached to the finished data. Most of these numbers will remain unknown to the client, but for us, it is imperative that we know them.

Numbers Matter!

Wilson Pro Staff 85 on the way!

Wilson has re-introduced the venerable Pro Staff 85 tennis racquet, and it will be here on the 1st of June! You can put yourself on the list for this incredible new version!

This is a racquet to be played with, of course, but I guess it would be OK to have one for “show” only.

I am thinking about some pretty amazing string options for these racquets.

I have a bunch of the original 85’s so it will be fun to see how these compare to the new version.

Get your name on the list!

The Pro’s Use It!

The new Luxilon campaign states something like; “The Pro’s Use It so Why Don’t You?”

This campaign makes my point; many of you, and your juniors are not pro’s! So why would you believe it is right for you?

My position has always been there are no bad strings only bad applications. Of course, there are juniors that can handle stiff string but is it a benefit in the long run?

My responsibility is to help tennis players play as long as possible, and I will recommend the equipment combinations that help me in that endeavor.

Uber Did It!

Uber just delivered some client racquets. This is the first Uber delivery of racquets to the World Headquarters of Racquet Quest but it really does make sense in some circumstances.

I have no idea what it cost but given work schedules and traffic this may catch on!

Visit from Ashaway!

Mr. Steve Crandall of Ashaway Line & Twine stopped by the World Headquarters of Racquet Quest, LLC last week for a quick visit.

Ashaway is the maker of the fantastic Monogut ZX (16 Ga.) and ZX Pro (17 Ga.) PEEK string.  This string has incredible elongation properties adding power to the arm friendly component, so many tennis players need.


We were happy to have Steve here and learn more about the broad line of Ashaway Strings.  Ashaway, by the way, is the only US manufacturer of racquet strings that I know of, and have been in business over 190 years!   Steve, however, is slightly younger than the company but knows string nonetheless!

Thank you, Steve, for visiting the World Headquarters!



Outrageously Radical!

The new Head Radical MP Limited edition is here and is it “Radical”!

This is the greatest limited edition Radical MP yet!

Radical LTD Racquet, Bag and Shoe Bag!


The Head Radical MP racquet is one of the most popular racquets available and the graphics make it even more desirable!

The Limited Edition bag is a 12 racquet model and each racquet includes a limited edition shoe bag!

If you are looking for a performance racquet with “pop” this is it!

You must see this!  Stop by the shop and take a look.




Wilson Blade 104 Serena Williams Autograph CV

A new shipment of the extraordinary Wilson Blade 104 Serena Wiliams Autograph racquets has arrived! If you missed the last batch now is your chance!

Wilson Blade 104 SW Autograph

Wilson Blade 104 SW Autograph

This is the real deal!

10.8 ounces.

104 Square inch head with Power Hole Technology.

Countervail material for a more forgiving feel.

28 inches long for easy power.

18 x 19 String Pattern for enhanced control.

For a supreme combination ask for Luxilon Natural Gut string in either 16 (130) or 17 (125) gauge.



Wilson Blade 104…What is the Difference?

The Wilson Blade 104 has been one of the most popular racquets in the “over 100 square inch head” arena.  It is no wonder since the Williams sisters have been using this model for quite a while.


But now there may be some confusion as to what Blade 104 you want or are getting.  What follows is a brief description of each model and how to spot the one you want.

First, the “header card” on the non-countervail Blade 104 does not have “SW104 Autograph” on it.  Nor does the word “Countervail” or Serena’s autograph show up.

dsc_0569On the inside of the shaft you will see the “Serena” autograph, and on the outside of the shaft, you will see the word “Blade” in gold, not silver as on the non-countervail model. At the inside of the top of the frame you will see”Serena Autograph” inscribed.

It should be obvious, but it isn’t necessarily, is the Serena Autograph model is 28 inches long opposed to 27.5 inches long for the standard model.

So, if you are interested in a new Wilson Blade 104 be sure you are getting the model you want.  Oh, and another way to tell which one you are getting is the Serena Autograph will set you back $249.00 instead of $199.00 for the standard, and 27.5 long model.

Here are some “quick” specs for our “demo” of the non-countervail model;

Weight:  308 grams (10.86 oz)

Swing Weight:  327 Kg/cm2 (11.53 oz)

Stiffness:  RDC=62. FF=52

Balance:  342.9 mm (13.5 in) 1.8 points HL

Length:  69.8 cm (27.48 in)




Many players simply don’t know what to expect when they pick up their racquet(s), so this is an example of what to reject!

Very Bad Knot!

Very Bad Knot!

This image is poor, but it gives you an idea of the lack of commitment, or understanding, or proficiency of the person that strung the racquet.  If this is what they think of your racquet, reject it!

Will the knot come undone by itself?  Probably not but this does not represent a quality finished product. Reject it!

The image below is the stringbed of the racquet with the “Very Bad Knots”.


Here is the problem, however!  This racquet was ordered online with a “pretty nice discount” on the string so it is unlikely the customer had the opportunity to reject it!

When you receive your racquet, regardless of where it was purchased or strung, don’t hesitate to reject it if the stringing looks like this!


Welcome to Orlando, USTA!

Racquet Quest, LLC is very happy, and excited, to have the USTA National Campus nearby!  If you have not visited the campus yet, you should make it a priority!  Not only is it beautiful it is full of technology that will benefit all tennis players.


Of course, the people of Fromuth Sports have put together an outstanding “pro shop” filled with tempting items!  In fact, I have not only been tempted I have purchased some items!

Recently I watched players on “Court 105” while working at the World Headquarters of Racquet Quest in Casselberry!  This a benefit of Play Site Technology that streams from several courts on the campus.

Play Site Opportunity!

Play Site Opportunity!

On the days I have been there it is evident that this facility will be a “destination” for tennis fans from around the world.  This campus will also be the “home” of UCF Tennis, plus, give local players and teams the opportunity to play more matches simultaneously.

If you are in the area, we invite you to take advantage of the racquet technologies expertise of Racquet Quest in Casselberry, Fl, about 35 minutes from the USTA National Campus.

Welcome to Orlando, USTA!



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