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Ashaway Monogut ZX Video

A few weeks ago the World Headquarters of Racquet Quest, LLC welcomed Adventus Films from Seattle here to record a short training video for Ashaway, the maker of Monogut ZX and Monogut ZX Pro tennis racquet string.

Brittany Tagliareni, Jack Anthrop, and Ed McNeil were on hand to assist with their view of Monogut ZX string.  Ed was, unfortunately, cut as a time-saving measure. Next time Ed!

You can take a look at the video here, and if you have additional interest in Ashaway Monogut ZX or any of the other Ashaway strings, please let us know.

Ashaway Line and Twine is based in Ashaway, RI and has been manufacturing high performance strings for technical applications for over 150 years!

Catching up!

The past month has been a whirlwind of weather and other activity and I wanted to pass on some recent news.

The USRSA World Conference was held at USTA National Campus, however in the brand new USPTA National Headquarters! What a perfect building! Several session leaders from around the world presented terrific sessions on topics necessary for racquet technicians. I presented a session on “Customization.”

USRSA World Conference, Orlando, FL

Being near the USTA Campus was perfect for grabbing a fabulous and quick lunch. Try the fresh pasta the next time you are there!

This month the World Headquarters welcomed Ron Rocchi, the Advanced Innovation Manager at Wilson, and Eric Ferrazzi, Stringing Machine and Tour Stringing Manager for Babolat, France. These guys are the pinnacle of the field, and I am always glad to have them here.

The new Babolat Racquet Station is in and being used and evaluated. This is one of the most significant “electronic” upgrades you can imagine!


Some new and essentially “secret” racquets are in and being reviewed.  The non-secret ones will be in around the 8th of November!

After Hurricane Irma

We are pleased to report the World Headquarters of Racquet Quest is in good shape after Hurricane Irma passed through the area last night and this morning.  In fact, the wind is still strong!  A curfew is in effect today so Racquet Quest will not be open.


After Irma

We hope everyone in the path of Hurricane Irma is safe today!

Is It Time?

Do you think it is time for a new over grip and, maybe, even a replacement grip!

Most players know that over grips are a “temporary” method of controlling slipping and need to be replaced frequently!

Not this one!

Time for a New Over Grip?

I don’t even know how long this has been on the racquet but is obvious that it has been well used!

Every racquet we do gets a new over grip installed, so I know the cost is about a dollar.  Not much considering the benefit.

How often do you replace yours?

Is This the Perfect Combination?

It seems like Ashaway had this very racquet in mind when they developed their Dynamite Soft 18 string!  This blue string is a perfect match to the blue accent color on the Ultra 100 CV and Ultra Tour!

And, the gauge, a very thin 18, is a perfect match to the very stiff frame (73 RDC, 70 FF stiffness).

I think the 18 gauge string may not be durable enough for hard hitters but this combination could be very good for many players.

You can be the judge of that, of course.

The string tension of 48 lbs (21.7 kg) combined with the racquet stiffness returns an effective stiffness of 30.3 which is a very comfortable number.

This stiff, 100 square inch racquet, should pack a powerful punch with a weight of 318 gr (11.2 oz) and swing weight of 318 kg/cm^ (11.2 oz).

Ask The Right Questions!

All of my clients have more than one racquet. That is not unusual. They may have multiple racquets of different models. So what?

Getting it right is “so what”!

What questions should we be asking every time? Here is a brief client/technician conversation:

Technician: Hi, client! What’s up?

Client: I need this racquet strung, please.

Technician: Just like the “last one”?

                         Alternative question: What tension?

Client: Sure, just like the “last one”.

                         Alternative answer: Just like the “last one”.

So, what was the last one strung? Was it this racquet, or maybe a different racquet?

The question should be:

Technician: Like the “last one” or the “last time”?

  1. The “last one” may be the different racquet since it was strung a few days ago.
  2. The “last time” should be this racquet.

Technician: The same as this racquet? Which was strung at 50, or like the racquet I did last week at 53?

Client: Glad you asked! I want to use 53 for this racquet as well.

Technician: OK. I will text you when it is ready.






Numbers Matter

In the words of Lord Kelvin (May 1883) “When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meager and unsatisfactory kind; it may be the beginning of knowledge, but you have scarcely, in your thoughts advanced to the stage of science.”

That is why every racquet we do has over fifty (50) numbers attached to the finished data. Most of these numbers will remain unknown to the client, but for us, it is imperative that we know them.

Numbers Matter!

Wilson Pro Staff 85 on the way!

Wilson has re-introduced the venerable Pro Staff 85 tennis racquet, and it will be here on the 1st of June! You can put yourself on the list for this incredible new version!

This is a racquet to be played with, of course, but I guess it would be OK to have one for “show” only.

I am thinking about some pretty amazing string options for these racquets.

I have a bunch of the original 85’s so it will be fun to see how these compare to the new version.

Get your name on the list!

The Pro’s Use It!

The new Luxilon campaign states something like; “The Pro’s Use It so Why Don’t You?”

This campaign makes my point; many of you, and your juniors are not pro’s! So why would you believe it is right for you?

My position has always been there are no bad strings only bad applications. Of course, there are juniors that can handle stiff string but is it a benefit in the long run?

My responsibility is to help tennis players play as long as possible, and I will recommend the equipment combinations that help me in that endeavor.

Uber Did It!

Uber just delivered some client racquets. This is the first Uber delivery of racquets to the World Headquarters of Racquet Quest but it really does make sense in some circumstances.

I have no idea what it cost but given work schedules and traffic this may catch on!

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