Yonex VCore Pro

Yonex seems to be on a roll right now with several years of outstanding performance racquets!  Well, with the VCore Pro Series they have pushed that ball a little faster, and harder!  It is rolling now!

Let’s run down some of the specs on each of the three (3) VCore Pro racquets.

It is no surprise that the Pro 97 330 is the heaviest of the three because it very subtly says so right on the racquet (330).  The Pro 97 310  has a meager swing weight (304) to accompany the lower weight of 310.  I believe these are so low that some players will opt for the VCore Pro 100 which is a bit stiffer (RDC Flex) than the 97’s.

However, the VCore 97 330 feels the best of all of them because you know what it is meant to do.

In addition to the great “players” specs, these racquets are the best looking from Yonex in a while in my opinion!

Yonex VCore Pro Series

If you are interested in a racquet series that is dedicated to performance, you need to try one of these new Yonex VCore Pro racquets.

This series is a “thin beam” design (21mm) with the traditional Yonex head shape that sort of equalizes the length of the main and cross strings in the center of the racquet offering a controlled feel.

This series like most of the Yonex performance racquets are made in Japan. The consistency of specification is very good if you carry several racquets and want them to feel the same.

The demos are in the shop and available for your consideration!


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