What Does Your Logo Mean?

Some players like to have a “logo” on their strings while sponsored players must have a “logo” on their strings.  Pro Players typically have the racquet brand, and the string brand (if different than the racquet brand) proudly displayed.

But what if you are not getting paid to play with a particular racquet or string brand?  Do you still want a logo?

In our experience, it is a meager percentage of players that want a logo on their racquet.

We do, however, put a logo on all of our demo racquets, but it has a “purpose.”  Other than identifying our demo racquets it also points directly to the COP (Center of Percussion).  In most cases, this is not even mentioned to the person demoing the racquet while in other cases we point out the reason for the logo.

Because we calculate the COP for every racquet it is easy to identify it.  With the logo, we can show the player where the COP is, and that area will return a pretty nice feeling hit.  So try to hit close to that point, we advise them.

Aim for the COP!

This particular racquet, the Yonex VCore Pro 97, 330, has a COP of 20.8 inches (52.8cm) and the Yonex VCore Pro 100, 300, has a COP of 20.9 inches (53.1cm) from the butt cap.

So, if you or your shop uses a logo try to point out something useful about it in addition to promoting your shop or your favorite racquet brand.

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