Ask The Right Questions!

All of my clients have more than one racquet. That is not unusual. They may have multiple racquets of different models. So what?

Getting it right is “so what”!

What questions should we be asking every time? Here is a brief client/technician conversation:

Technician: Hi, client! What’s up?

Client: I need this racquet strung, please.

Technician: Just like the “last one”?

                         Alternative question: What tension?

Client: Sure, just like the “last one”.

                         Alternative answer: Just like the “last one”.

So, what was the last one strung? Was it this racquet, or maybe a different racquet?

The question should be:

Technician: Like the “last one” or the “last time”?

  1. The “last one” may be the different racquet since it was strung a few days ago.
  2. The “last time” should be this racquet.

Technician: The same as this racquet? Which was strung at 50, or like the racquet I did last week at 53?

Client: Glad you asked! I want to use 53 for this racquet as well.

Technician: OK. I will text you when it is ready.






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