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I have spent many years working with racquets; including designing, manufacturing, stringing, and customization, plus retail and everything in between!  I know that each “racquet/player” combination is unique.  So, as you can see, the racquet specifications must be exclusive to you, the player.  We can do that!

What you can expect at Racquet Quest:

  • Custom Stringing
  • Large String Inventory
  • Three (3) State of the Art Stringing Machines
  • Consistency
  • Complete Racquet Analysis and Stringing Data Records
  • Customization:  Weight, Swing Weight, Polar Moment, Effective Stiffness and more
  • Natural Gut, Hybrids, Polyester, Zyex, Multi-Filaments, Synthetic Gut
  • Customer Consultation
  • Racquet and Machine Evaluation Services
  • Perfection


  • I have over forty (40) years of dedicated tennis racquet experiences
  • I have done Tennis Racquet Design and Manufacturing
  • I am a Presenter at annual IART Symposium at Saddlebrook Resort
  • I am a Tester for the USRSA

Tennis Racquet Stringing

 Racquet Preparation Specialists as close as 407.491.4755 or 407.494.4702!

Appointments are accepted and encouraged.

We are glad you are visiting our site.  We encourage you to ask any tennis, racquet, and string questions, post ideas, share tennis and racquet related stories with other tennis and racquet enthusiasts.

While visiting our website check the periodic specials page where our racquet analysis and stringing services specials are posted.

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There must be hundreds of web sites and forums that discuss tennis and tennis racquets specifically.

Racquet Quest is different…

Even if you go no further into this site I want you to know that you, the player, is what this is all about.  Some fun, some ideas, some questions, some suggestions, and most importantly, your involvement.

I hope you will enjoy your visit!


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